Hotel Baron

Hotel Baron
Sharia al baron,in the center of the city,very nice location
and very nice people
i highly recommend it!

i took the description of Hotel Baron from my friend wikipedia.com
Have a look!

Wikipedia:''Baron Hotel (also Baron's Hotel or Hotel Baron), is the oldest hotel in Syria and the region. It is located

in downtown Aleppo, Aziziyeh area, Baron street, next to the National Museum of Aleppo.

Few years later the Mazloumian Brothers enlarged their business by setting up the new Baron's Hotel. In 1909, amongst the gardens on the outskirts of old Aleppo, they built the first floor of the current building; the second floor followed in 1911, and the third in 1940.

Notable Guests

Until the Second World War, most of the guests were British or German. British agents posing as archaeologists spied on German generals, who arranged opulent banquets for their Ottoman allies while German engineers built the rail line from Berlin to Baghdad.

Krikor Zohrab, the famous Armenian novelist and Armenian Genocide victim, was among the first guests of the hotel.

The second floor of the hotel has witnessed the presence of political leaders and a lot of figures of culture: Lawrence of Arabia slept in room 202; King Faisal declared Syria's independence from the balcony in room 215; Agatha Christie wrote the first part of "Murder on the Orient Express" in room 203. The Presidential Suite was occupied in turn by King Gustaf VI Adolf of Sweden, Egypt's Gamal Abdel Nasser, Syria's former President Hafez Al Assad, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan (the founder of the United Arab Emirates), and the American billionaire David Rockefeller. Other notable guests include Dame Freya Stark, Julie Christie, Mr and Mrs Theodore Roosevelt, Kemal Attaturk, Lady Louise Mountbatten, Charles Lindberg and Yuri Gagarin.''

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