İ'm sad to announce that Kantin is still on vacation
it will open next monday
here's ma picture of cold vegetable soup
Love it!

Happy hour!

İt's summer
and i'm still in town:/
İt's monday and i'm invited to a cocktail class with the most handsome Joe Mccanta!
The class took place at ''Mutfak sanatları akademisi'' in Maslak(a Cullinary school)
He's a mixologist from Califormia and definitely fabulous
He helped us preparing 6 different cocktails,6 wonderful recipes he created with absolut vodka
i'm not ashamed to say i drank it all,and did not leave a single drop
yes,i was drunk but it was such a beautiful afternoon
Manic monday!

Stylish taxi in İstanbul

Last day i took a cab
i've noticed after a while how beautiful the print was
What a stylish taxi!


Ride in Kilyos

Dağ restaurant

When spring summer arrives in istanbul i love to go to a place next to Kilyos
Dağ restaurant is cozy during the week and they serve extra delicious meatballs and buffalo yoghurt
The weekend is crowded
i forgot to say there's a cat a very silly one
this one is a pain in the ass
i highly recommend it!!
Fried zucchini and eggplant
French fries
yoghurt(Buffalo )
And salad

Dağ restaurant:
Uskumruköy(Just before arriving to Burç Beach it's on the right side of the road
İn kilyos,Gümüşdere beach)
tel:0212 203 03 10

Bebek Kahve

Breakfasst at Bebek kahve
if you go there early it's fine
normally it's sooo crowded
gözleme is delicious(you acn have with potato,minced meat or feta cheese+parsley)
the staff is overly friendly(not in a good way!)
and there's no price range,they bill you depending on your face


Cocktail time
Withe my dearest friend Ergin
Müzedechanga ğis one of the coolest place to go in summer
İ had a satsuma Caipiroska and Ergin had a Passionfruit cocktail

Sakıp Sabancı Caddesi 22 Atlıköşk
Emirgan, Istanbul
0212 323 0901

Den Cafe

Breakfast with my friend Banu
We had Potato omelette and simit with feta cheese and green pepper,tomatoes and olive paste
Lots of Tea
Lovely morning!
Den Cafe:Mim Kemal Öke Caddesi 1D Nişantaşı


End of Mardin

There are a few nice Boutique hotels in Mardin
İ stayed in a place called Büyük Mardin Oteli
the view was beautiful but the hotel itsself was quite comfortless
İ need to ask a friend of mine
her grandfather has a boutique hotel
as soon as i get the name i will post it
for the moment no hotel recommendation

Streets of Mardin

Streets of Mardin

Sakip sabancı kültür merkezi & Hatuniye Medresesi