Hot Chocolate time

Last sunday,i had a great evening.
İt's really freezing,so i usually get lazy!
so it was nice to get out to Şimdi cafe in Asmalımescit-Beyoğlu
and then go to Pera Palas for some hot chocolate
İ loved the old Pera Palas,the one with the spirit just before the renovation
i lived for two years in the room 314

but since the re-opening,i didn't stop by.i didn't spend time like i use to
well it was my home and i feel completly starnger to that new appearence
Original rooms have been dissected,just to get more rooms and the spirit was kind of gone:/
but i still like this big hall were you can drink tea,coffee or a hot chocolate.
i feel very nostalgic about this place where i have beautiful memories!

Winter Kitty!

Let it snow,Let it snow,Let it snow....

Frosty days in İstanbul!
My Jotun Penguin is happy of this weather with his bubble wrap coat


Lunch at Kantin

İ've been working a lot lately
The best break is a lunch at Kantin with a close friend

Tarhana soup(a dried foodstuff made chiefly of curds and flour
and delicious bread(you can buy  some bread or more delicious stuff at the little shop down stairs)
Veal with sage and Gratin de pomme de terre
and salad

Akkavak sokak no 30 Nişantaşı-İstanbul
Tel:0212 219 31 14


cutest dog

Kumpir at Delicatessen(one of my favprite cafe-restaurant in İstanbul) for morning coffee

Delicatessen:Mim Kemal Öke Cad. 19 Nişantaşı

Friendly seagulls in front of a window


Happy 2012!

Santa costume for a bunch of happy cactus