Hot Chocolate time

Last sunday,i had a great evening.
İt's really freezing,so i usually get lazy!
so it was nice to get out to Şimdi cafe in Asmalımescit-Beyoğlu
and then go to Pera Palas for some hot chocolate
İ loved the old Pera Palas,the one with the spirit just before the renovation
i lived for two years in the room 314

but since the re-opening,i didn't stop by.i didn't spend time like i use to
well it was my home and i feel completly starnger to that new appearence
Original rooms have been dissected,just to get more rooms and the spirit was kind of gone:/
but i still like this big hall were you can drink tea,coffee or a hot chocolate.
i feel very nostalgic about this place where i have beautiful memories!

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