Goodbye Rome

Last day,Promenade at Parco della Vialla Borghese and then Good bye Rome



İt was my last day in Rome
i was just sad to leave
i decided that day to walk
just like that,no plans just walk
i went for a coffee and pastries at Cafe Greco
then went for a long walk through via del corso,Piazza del Popolo and the Parco della Villa Borghese
i accidentally arrived to the Zoo and decided to have a look


a fast stop at the Vatican

A wonderful lunch break after Vaticano,we were walking no taxis were available,going back to the centro historico we found a tiny resaturant on Via Giulia next to the Santa Maria del Suffragio church.

We shared some white beans on olive oil with tomatoes and rosemary and a pizza with anchovies

Column of Marcus Aurelius

and of course after food comes a long promenade



Piazza Mattei

Piazza Mattei:
in Ghetto,the Jewish area of Rome,there's this little square called Piazza Mattei
The Mattei family lived in a palace near the square
The turtle fountain was commissioned by the Mattei family around 1581.
i think it's beautiful,and so poetic!

Checco e carettiere

Checco e carettiere:İ love that restaurant
it's the best food you can get
i loved everything:
Arancini di riso(fried risotto balls)
we had some Carciofi alla Giudia:Jewish style deep fried artichoke!wonderful)
and some stuffed Zucchini flower,deep fried
Bomboli all'amtriciana(dried pork cheek,pecorino cheese and Tomato)it's a pasta sauce from Rome
and some home made pasta with wild mushrooms
Love that restaurant!i returned my last day for lunch

Checco e carettiere
Via Benedetta 10-Trastevere
Tel:06 5800983
They are closed for siesta between 3 and 7pm