Le Rune

Le Rune
Oh la la!! what a wonderful surprise
we found this restaurant by chance
walking in the streets of Genova searching for a restaurant
we wanted to go first to Le maschere but it was closed
and on a tiny street we found one of the entrance of Le rune
every food or product you eat has an indication of the country of origin 
and they cook and prepare meals with the bast aoc products from Liguria
i had a tomato mozzarella,it was so good i can't describe it
the olive oil or the pesto sauce(mandilli shaped pasta)
i highly highly recommend you to eat at Le Rune
Le Rune:
VicoDomoculta.14R-16123 Genova
Tel:010 594 951
Open Monday-Saturday 
you can check the restaurant on this website:www.ristorantidellardesia.it/le rune
or send an email for more info:info@ristorantelerune.it

sorry for the pictures,i was busy eating!:)

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