Visit Mardin

Let's visit Mardin
Just in front of Mesopotamia the great Ulu camii
The beautiful Deyrulzafaran Monastery(out of the city,5km from Mardin)
Mardin museum
The post office main building
Mor Benham church
Mor Yusuf church
Deyrulumur Monastery(Midyat):it's been built in the year 397!
Virgin Mary Church(Mardin)

From wikipedia.org,free encyclopedia:
Most Syriac Orthodox churches and monasteries in the city were built on ancient Assyrian-Babylonian temples and are still active today. Monasteries such as theDeyrülzafarân Monastery date back 4,000 years

Mardin is likely the Marideand Marida of the Greeks and Romans. Another important church, Kırklar Kilisesi (Church of the 40 Martyrs), originally built in the name of Benham and Saro, the two sons of the Assyrian ruler who executed them because they chose to become Christian, dates from 569 AD. and even during its use as a capital by the Artukid Turkish dynasty which ruled Eastern Anatolia and Northern Mesopotamiabetween the twelfth and fourteenth centuries. The 12th century Sitti Radviyye Madrasa, the oldest of its kind in Anatolia, dates from this period.

The lands of the Artukid dynasty fell to the Mongols who took control of the region in 1394, but the Mongols never directly governed the area. Mardin was later controlled by the Turkish Akkoyunlu kingdom. The Kasımiye Madrasa was built by Sultan Kasım, son of the Akkoyunlu Sultan Cihangir, between 1457 and 1502. In 1517 was conquered by Ottoman Turks. 1915-1916 Arab, Aramaic and Armenian Christians of all denominations were massacred or driven away.On 15 August 1915 a public auction of Armenian women took place, for the first time.

And much more sightseing

Melikşah Grand Mosque (Ulucami Neighborhood in Central Mardin)
Melik Mahmud Mosque (in Savurkapı Neighborhood)
Abdüllatif Mosque 'in Cumhuriyet Bazaar
Zeynelabidin Mosque (in Nusaybin)
Koçhisar Mosque (in Kızıltepe)
Şehidiye Medresse and Mosque (Mardin)
Selsel Mosque (In Teker Neighborhood)
Necmettin Gazi Mosque (Necmettin Neighborhood)
Kasım Tuğmaner Mosque (on the 1st Avenue)
Reyhaniye Mosque (in Hasan Ayyar Bazaar)
Hamidiye Mosque (on the 1st Avenue)
Süleymanpaşa Mosque (in Şehidiye Neighborhood)
Secaattin and Mehmet Mosque (on Yeniyol at the center)
Hamza-i Kebir Mosque (in Savurkapı Neighborhood)
Şeyh Abdülaziz Mosque (to the west of Cumhuriyet Bazaar)
Melik Eminettin el Emin Mosque (in Eminettin Neighborhood)
Sıtra Zaviye Mosque (Gül Neighborhood)
Şeyh Salih Mosque (on Yeniyol at the center)
Mahmut Türki Mosque (in Diyarbakır Neighborhood)
Sarı Mosque (Necmettin or Maristan)
Şeyh Çabuk Mosque (in Çabuk Neighborhood)
Nizamettin Begaz Mosque (in Diyarbakır Kapı Neighborhood)
Kale Mosque (in Mardin Fortress)
Dinari Mosque (in Jeweler's Bazaar)
Grand Mosque (Ulu Camii in Midyat)


Meryemana (Virgin Mary) Church (Mardin)
Mor Yusuf (Surp Hovsep) Church (Mardin)
Mor Behnam Church (Mardin)
Deyrü'zzafaran Monastery (Mardin)
Hah Virgin Mary Church (Midyat)
Mor Gabriyel Monastery (Midyat)
Mor Yakup Monastery (Nusaybin)
Mor Dimet Monastery
Mor Mihail Church (Center-Big Church)
Mor Semune Church (Mardin)
Mor Dimet Monastery
Mor Petrus and Pavlus Church (Mardin)
Surp Kevork Church (Derik)
Virgin Mary Protestant Church (Midyat)
Red (Surp Kevork) Church (Mardin)
Mor Cercis Church (Eskikale- Mardin)
Mor Efraim Monastery (Mardin)
Mor Abraham Church (Midyat)

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