Ship inn-Antalya

atatürk kültür parkı içi no329
242 238 52 35

rating:Nice food,try the local specialite"hibeş",a meze made of sesame paste,
lemon juice,garlic,paprika,cumin,dried chili pepper

250 gr tahin-sesame paste
lemon juice/out of 2
6 garlic clove/smashed
3 tea spoon of paprika
3 tea spoon of cumin
2 tea spoon of ground black pepper
2 tea spoon of red chili pepper
1 tea spoon of salt
1 glass of hot water
put the sesame paste in a pot,add spice and salt,then lemon juice
mix it,add slowly hot water untill you get the consistency of mustard
it's very spicy,so it's better to taste this antalya local speciality during winter.

ii forgot to take pictures,because i was busy tasting hibeş
but i pictured the aquarium!

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