it was the beginning of summer
yes it was...
it was very hot,and now it's rainy,cold and grey
Until the next summer arrives let's enjoy this cold winter

Lunch with Murat at Hünkar
estimated date:June-July 2010
Actually i use to go to Hünkar very often
than something has changed
suddenly it was very expensive and the food not so great
i guess i wanted to give it a try
and i wasn't dissapointed at all
so if you want to try traditional turkish cuisine go to Hünkar

Artichoke cooked with olive oil and some tiny vegetables(potatoes,carrots and peas)
Spinach(cooked with olive oil,onions garlic...)Chicken and tomato rice
Türlü(a mixture of vegetables all cooked with olive oil
(onions,potato,green pepper,haricot,carrots...)

the prices were ok
the owners(2 brothers)just split
but still very good for lunch

Mim. Kemal Öke caddesi no21 Nişantaşı
Tel:0212-296 38 11

They serve alcohol

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