Alaçatı is a cute little town,lots of greek used to live in Alaçatı
it's super crowded
but still nice
The little town is not on the seaside,you need to go by car to a beach

Where to stay?
-Taş Hotel:www.tasotel.com
-Sailors Hotel:www.sailorsotel.com

Where to eat?

Where to shop?and what to buy?
you can buy gum mastic and jams from Sakız adası/Chios
i got bergamot and bitter orange
the perfect place is imren on the main street
You can buy olive oil or peştemal(sarong) too
There's a market place next to the mosuqe you can find nice stuff
i got years ago a lot of old crochet flowers,beautiful!
if you are looking for some fashion don't miss Midnight Express on the main street

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