R.I.P Minnoş

İ sometimes go to House cafe,the one next to Teşvikiye Mosque
İ love the staff,They super cool and nice people
...and they love Kumpir,my dog.
They do love animals
İ recommend you House cafe(Not all of them)but this one is really nice
House cafe:Teşvikiye Caddesi No: 146 Teşvikiye / İstanbul

Well let me tell you the story of Minnoş the cat
if you spend sometime sitting in a cafe,you get to know the little people around
like Nazlı the dog who used to bark to people she didn't know
She just used to say hello one by one to all the people she knew in the cafe
and than lay down next to a table
these days Nazlı is no longer living in the streets and has been adopted by her new family
You can see her sometimes walking with her new leash,she's so cute!
Minnoş was one of the little people you got to know sitting at house cafe
Minnoş was an alley cat
İ knew her,the taxi drivers used to take care of her with a lot of love and affection
she was killed on tuesday :(
Rest in peace little cat

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