Home made Börek

İ'm back!
Still working a lot
but i've missed blogging:)
first post is about me discovering how to make the ''Börek'' with spinach my mom used to do.
As she passed away today 11 years ago i wanted to dedicate this post to her
i try to remember how she prepared it
it was one of th things we love the most
my mom would complain about how it's muddy and how it's annoying to clean the spinach
Well today i understand her it's really something to clean it:)
Here is the receipe i found in my mom's cookbook

For 2 sheets of thin dough:
Mix 2eggs and 5 full spoons of yoghurt
add some sunflower oil(2 spoons)

in a small baking tin add a piece of yufka and spread a bit of the liquid
and repeat like you do lasagna
and in the middle add the spinach
than when you are done with the last dough cover it up with the rest of the liquid

For the filling:
cook one big chopped onion with 2 or 3 sugar cubes in olive oil
when the onions start cooking add your spinach leaves(cut into pieces)
cook it in medium heat
it's done in 5 min
You don't have to over cook it
because it will continue cooking in the oven

Pre-heat your oven during 10 minutes at 200 degres
than put you baking tin in the oven and cook it for at least 30 minutes
you will see when the top is gold take it off


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