Chocolat de Londres:Prestat

İ got a present:a chocolate box from London
One of the best!!
Prestat is a hand made chocolate filled with violette and rose
İ Love it!!!

Here's the story of Prestat(i got it from their website)

''Our roots begin in 1902 in London by Chocolatier extraordinaire Antoine Dufour, following his family's creation of the chocolate truffle in Chambery, France, in 1895. Antoine saw an opportunity to bring his skills to London, where chocolate cafes and shops known as Refreshment Rooms were growing in popularity. With Antoine’s flair for creativity and perfection, Prestat became an instant success.

Since Antoine’s day the subsequent owners – his son Tony, Neville and Maxwell Croft, Stanley Cohen OBE, and half-brothers Nick Crean and Bill Keeling – have continued to nourish the essence of Prestat’s success: each retaining the core ingredients of the art of chocolate making and also forging new paths, creating new chocolates, mixing products hither-to-unknown.

What enables us to be creative is that unlike many chocolatiers – focusing purely on profit - Prestat has managed to withhold the growing trend of the readymade product. At Prestat we ensure all our chocolates are hand-crafted and filled and gift wrapped under the same roof, and more importantly under the same watchful gaze of our qualified and talented chocolatiers.

In such an incredible environment as a chocolate factory, new thoughts and creations flourish. In 2006 we launched the ‘Prestat Babes’ – tantalising fruit jellies covered in dark, milk and white chocolate. This year we launched a range of Single Origin Chocolate Buttons from Ecuador, Sao Thome and Madagascar. And in a major new development, we are also launching an extraordinary range of chocolate bars named Choxi+ which enjoys two to three times the level of antioxidants – chocolate’s main health-giving property.

We love chocolateBy being so close to the chocolate in our factory in Park Royal, and in amongst the smells and fillings, our creative spirits are always alive and attentive. Not only can we guarantee the quality of our chocolates and truffles, we also guarantee that you will get a chocolaty experience quite unlike any other.

Finally, as much as we care for our chocolates, we also believe that presentation is also key to the experience. With the help of our artist friend Kitty Arden we have created gift boxes that are a veritable feast for the eyes. Many customers have said that the box is as beautiful as the chocolates inside. Although the taste of our chocolates comes first, with our elegant packaging we seek to reflect the joy and fun of our chocolate, all adding to the experience. When you place one of our chocolates in your mouth, simply let your taste buds do the talking. And once the delicious chocolates have been consumed one is left with a beautiful box to keep to eternity. ''

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